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This is our story...

”We make the world a little more relaxed with premium, comfy and stylish fashion and interior items. Originally designed in soft colortones. With Knuffle you'll feel much more relaxed, comfy and warm. Luxury cocooning. You will enjoy those huggable feelings, improve the connection with your loved ones and save on your energy costs. We act with care for people and planet. We use recycled materials, and we offset all CO2 emissions. Easy on you, easy on the planet. We are a small family business from the Netherlands. We produce in good circumstances in Portugal, shipping our cozy comforts globally. Seeing our customers evolve into authentic brand ambassadors, spreading the message worldwide, brings us immense pride. Fun fact: did you know 'knuffle' is derived from the Dutch word 'knuffel' meaning 'a hug'? You'll enjoy our premium, long lasting, and most comfy products. But if we don't meet your expectations you may return your order for a refund. Long story short: treat yourself a Knuffle today!" - Marcel Demper, Founder of Knuffle.